Packaged Herbs

Agrimony Herbs
Magical Uses: Sleep, Protection, Banishes Negativity, Zombie Magic, Reversing. 25 grams. ..
Allspice Whole
Magical Uses: Healing, Luck, Money, Purification, Protection. 25 grams. ..
Angelica Root
Magical Uses: Exorcism, Healing, Visions, Removes Curses, Gambling. 25 grams. ..
Arnica Flowers
Magickal Uses: protection, invisibility. 25 grams. ..
Arrowroot Powder
Magickal Uses: Health, protection, love. 25 grams. ..
Asafoetida Compound
Magical Uses: Exorcism, Purification, Protection. 25 grams. ..
Balm Of Gilead
Magickal Uses: New love, attracts spirits, mends broken hearts. 25 grams. ..
Barberry Bark
Magical Uses: Money, Love & Luck. 25 grams. ..
Magical uses: Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Protection. 25 grams. ..
Bay Leaves Whole
Magical Uses: Psychic, Healing, Success, Courage, Reverse Bad Luck. 25 grams. ..
Bayberry Bark
Magical Uses: Money, Luck, Love. 25 grams. ..
Belladonna Herb
Magical Uses: flying potion, cursing, binding. 25 grams. ..
Bilberry Herb
Magical Uses: Protection, Wards Psychic Attacks and Evil Eye. 25 grams. ..
Birch Leaves
Magical Uses: Exorcism, Purification, Protection, Communication with fairies. 25 grams. ..
Bittersweet Heart
Magical uses: protection, healing. 25 grams. ..
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