Packaged Herbs

Black Cohosh Root
Magical Uses: Strength, courage, love, protection, healing, potency. 25 grams. ..
Black Walnut Leaves
Magical uses: health, mental powers, infertility, wishes. 25 grams. ..
Bladderwrack Leaves
Magical Uses: protection, sea spells, wind spells, money, psychic powers. 25 grams. ..
Blessed Thistle Herb
Magical Uses: Hex breaking, wish fulfillment, reversing, concentration. 25 grams. ..
Blue Cohosh Root
Magical Uses: Money drawing, purification, love breaking, empowerment. 25 grams. ..
Boldo Leaves
Magical Uses: prosperity, clairvoyance, vision. 25 grams. ..
Boneset Herb
Magical Uses: exorcism, protection from evil, binding, healing. 25 grams. ..
Broom Tops
Magical Uses: Wind spells, divination, psychic, purification, protection. 25 grams. ..
Buckeye (Horse-Chestnut)
Magical Uses: Business luck, Money drawing, Healing. 25 grams. ..
Buckthorn Bark
Magical Uses: protection, exorcism, wishes, legal matters. 25 grams. ..
Burdock Root
Magical Uses: Healing, Love Magick, Banishes Negativity. 25 grams. ..
Calendula Petals Whole
Magical Uses: E.S.P., Attraction, Divination, Dreams, Popularity, Court Cases. 25 grams. ..
Cascara Sagrada Bark
Magical Uses: Legal Issues, Money, Protection, Court Cases, Protection from Hexes. 25 grams. ..
Cat's Claw
Magical Uses: working with familiars; health and healing. 25 grams. ..
Catnip Leaves
Magical Uses: Averts bad luck, cat magick, familiars, luck, happiness. 25 grams. ..
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