Packaged Herbs

Lotus Flower Petals Whole
Magical Uses: Protection, lock opening, blessings, luck. 25 grams. ..
Lungwort Leaves
Magical Uses: Healing, Purification, Cleansing. 25 grams. ..
Mandrake Root
Magical Uses: Healing, Money, Fertility, Relationships, Eternal Love. 25 grams. ..
Marjoram Herb
Magical Uses: protection, love, happiness, health, money. 25 grams. ..
Marshmallow Root
Magical Uses: Psychic, Protection, Comfort, Healing. 25 grams. ..
Mistletoe Herb
Magical Uses: Exorcism, Love, Healing, Fertility, Hunting, Seduction. 25 grams. ..
Motherwort Herb
Magical Uses: Inspiration, Countermagic, Purpose, Strengthening, Protection. 25 grams. ..
Mugwort Herb
Magical Uses: Psychic, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Healing, Astral Projection. 25 grams. ..
Mullein Herb
Magical Uses: Dreams, Love, Health, Exorcism, Courage, Strength, Sleep. 25 grams. ..
Myrtle Leaf
Magical Uses: Love, Fertility, Peace, Youth, Money. 25 grams. ..
Nettle, Stinging Leaves
Magical Uses: Exorcism, Reversing, Banishes Negativity, Healing. 25 grams. ..
Oak Bark White
Magical Uses: Druid magic, Protection, Fertility, Health, Money, Love. 25 grams. ..
Oakmoss Herb
Magical Uses: Divination, protection, intensifies magic. 25 grams. ..
Oregano Herb
Magical uses: Happiness, health, money. 25 grams. ..
Orris Root Powder
Magical Uses: Love, Protection, Divination, Dreams, Money. 25 grams. ..
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