Packaged Herbs

Rosehips, Whole (Organic)
Local-grown and organic, our brand of herbs are a particularly refreshing, eco-friendly way of pract..
Rosemary Leaves
Magical Uses: Youth, Healing, Love, Sleep, Purification, Protection, Lust. 25 grams. ..
Rue Herb
Magical Uses: Love, wisdom, healing, exorcism, mental powers. 25 grams. ..
Sage Leaves Cut
Magical Uses: wisdom, wishes, endurance, protections from spirits, immortality. 25 grams. ..
Sandalwood Chips Red Cut
Magical Uses: exorcism, healing, spirituality, wishes, protection. 25 grams. ..
Sassafras Bark
Magical Uses: Health, Money. 25 grams. ..
Skullcap Herb
Magical Uses: Fidelity, Peace, Love. 25 grams. ..
Slippery Elm Bark Powder
Magical Uses: Stops gossip. 25 grams. ..
Solomon Seal Root
Magical Uses: Protection, Invocation of spirits, exorcism. 25 grams. ..
Spearmint Leaves Rubbed
Magical Uses: Wisdom, love, healing, mental powers. 25 grams. ..
Magical Uses: Fidelity, Health, Luck. 25 grams. ..
St. John's Wort Herb
Magical Uses: Happiness, Healing, Divination, Strength, Courage, Love. 25 grams. ..
Star Anise Whole
Magical Uses: Hex breaking, purification, protection from nightmares, luck. 25 grams. ..
Strawberry Leaves
Magical Uses: love, luck. 25 grams. ..
Tansy Herb
Magical Uses: health, healing, sleep, purification. 25 grams. ..
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