Dried herbs and herbal blends for ritual and magical purposes. Our herbs can be burned on the altar, used in smudges, or scattered around an area for use in a spell. You can use our herbs in medicine bags, mojo bags, or other spellcraft.

Hawthorne Berries Whole
Magical Uses: Fertility, Happiness, Chastity. 25 grams. ..
Heather Flowers Whole
Magical Uses: Luck, Protection, Rain, Immortality, Beauty. 25 grams. ..
Hibiscus Flowers Whole
Magical Uses: Love, Sex, Divination, Dreams. 25 grams. ..
Hops Flowers
Magical Uses: sleep, healing, visions. 25 grams. ..
Horehound Herb
Magical Uses: Wisdom, Exorcism, Healing, Protection. 25 grams. ..
Horsetail Grass
Magical Uses: snake charming, fertility. 25 grams. ..
Hyssop Herb
Magical Uses: Purification, Protection, Divination. 25 grams. ..
Irish Moss
Magical Uses: Luck, Money, Protection. 25 grams. ..
Jasmine Flowers
Magical Uses: Love, Dreams, Divination, Money. 25 grams. ..
Juniper Berries Whole
Magical Uses: Psychic, Healing, Anti-Theft, Protection, Love, Exorcism. 25 grams. ..
Lady's Mantle Herb
Magical Uses: Love, Lust, Strengthening Spells. 25 grams. ..
Lavender Flowers French Whole
Magical Uses: Happiness, Sleep, Peace, Purification, Longevity, Tranquility. 25 grams. ..
Licorice Root Cut
Magical Uses: Love, Sex, Fidelity, Venus, Binding Spells. 25 grams. ..
Licorice Root Sticks
Magical Uses: Love, Sex, Fidelity, Venus, Binding Spells. 25 grams. ..
Life Everlasting Flowers Whole
Magical Uses: Immortality, invocation of elements, health, healing, longevity. 25 grams. ..
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