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I often get asked how to use magic to get ahead in one's career. My first questions back are always: Have you earned it? What have you done to work toward it normally? I am a big subscriber to the belief that if you want to succeed at anything, exhaust your normal options first. One should never look to magic as a 'normal' solution to things that you can do on your own. That said, if you are working hard to prove yourself, but maybe the competition is fierce in your workplace, here are a couple ideas to help give you an edge:

Aromatherapy Works.

Whether it is psychological or magical, the fact is that certain scents evoke certain reactions from people. In this scenario, you want a smell that will boost your confidence as you pursue your goal, as well as make others take notice of you in a way that furthers this end. I would suggest smells like Bay, Bayberry, Clove, Lemon, or Cinnamon (though take care never to apply Cinnamon directly to the skin!). You could:
  • Mix and match these to your liking and wear them as a perfume.
  • Dab some of your oil mixture onto your shirt.
  • Scent a resumé or a contract proposal with it by lightly tracing it along the edges.
My favourite trick is to make sure to wear a scent regularly, and then to put some on my palms on a day when I know that I will shake an important someone's hands. That way they will have a light and lingering sense of my energy and smell and will think of me when making big decisions.

Basic Candle Spell to Get Ahead at Work.

This is one of the simplest spells available. You will need:
  • A green or gold candle (or any old candle!)
  • One of the oils above.
Use an old pen or a pin to carve the candle with your name and with the title of the position you want to achieve. Feel free to add in the salary you want too, and a few lucky symbols or dollar signs as you see fit. Burn the candle the night before a big interview to give yourself that extra oomph of energy! Good luck on the job hunt!

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