Attraction Body Soap
Love is in the air! Treat yourself to the combined fragrances of clove, vanilla, orris and lemo..
Christmas Pine Body Soap
Get yourself into the holiday spirit with this lovely body soap! The rich scent of pine, cedar and c..
Energy Boosting Body Soap
Embedded with bits of orange peel and infused with the rich scent of bergamot, citrus and lemon, thi..
Health Body Soap
A healthy body is a healthy mind! Infused with the fragrance of myrrh and hyssop, this soap should h..
Money Drawing Body Soap
Need a little monetary luck? Give yourself a good scrub with our Money Drawing body soap. If anythin..
Protection Body Soap
Give yourself a little extra protection from harm or hexes with this aromatic body soap. The subtle ..
Psychic Powers Body Soap
Sharpen your mind and focus your inner power! This combination of bergamot, carnation and rose ..
Purification Body Soap
Cleanse your body and spirit with our handcrafted body soap! Let the scent of frankincense, myr..
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