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The Te of Piglet

What is Te? What is Taoism? What has Piglet to do with either? Te (pronounced Deh) is Chinese for Virtue. Taoism is a Chinese philosophy. (Practically speaking, it's more than Chinese, and more than philosophy, but we'll get into the whys and hows of that further on, inside this book). And Piglet has quite a bit to do with both. What exactly? In the first place . . . That is, he . . . What we mean is . . . Perhaps we'd better let the author do the explaining. In any event, Piglet not only has quite a bit to do with Te and Taoism; he also has quite a bit to do with you and me - as have Te and Taoism - whoever we may happen to be, whatever we may happen to be doing. And that is a Very Useful Thing to Know. As you will see.

Author Benjamin Hoff

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