Produits magiques variés

7 Herb Floor Sweep
To rid your home or business from harmful vibrations. To unhex your life. Sprinkle a small amount in..
Black Salt
Used to absorb and banish negativity. Jinx removing; keeps away evil forces and bad neighbors 28 gra..
Magnetic Sand
To feed your lodestones. Use to charge lodestones, or in place of them if you have none. A Magical ..
Red Ochre Powder
Red ochre has been used since Neolithic times to symbolize the blood of life. Its traditional use as..
Rose Of Jericho
Use in prosperity and abundance spells. So long as the Rose is green, your home will be blessed. Pla..
Seven Spirits Vinegar
Herbal based vinegar used to sprinkle around the home and business, to wash away negative energies. ..
Vinaigre des 4 voleurs
Les herbes de ce vinaigre ont macéré un mois. Aspergez la maison et le bureau avec ce vinaigre pour ..
Wishing Sand
Sprinkle in home or business for good luck. 28 grams (1 ounce) A Magical Blend Product. ..
Poudre de terre à diatomées (14g)
Les diatomées sont des micro-organismes faits de silice. Quand ils sèchent, la "terre" qui en résult..