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Egyptian Scarab Ring in Antique Bronze

This Egyptian style scarab ring is made in antique bronze, and is based on a vintage design from the 1940's. Standing almost 1cm high, this design is simple yet catches the attention. The bronze is a mix of 90% copper and 10% tin, but contains no nickle or iron that can cause allergies.

The design is based on the Egyptian scarab. This beetle was associated with the divine manifestation of the early morning sun, Khepri, whose name was written with the scarab hieroglyph and who was believed to roll the disk of the morning sun over the eastern horizon at daybreak. Since the scarab hieroglyph, Kheper, refers variously to the ideas of existence, manifestation, development, growth, and effectiveness, the beetle itself was a favorite form used for amulets in all periods of Egyptian history. They were often found buried with mummies to protect the dead and gain favor with the gods.


When you order this product you MUST list your ring size in the comments at check out. This ring will be made custom for you and is non-refundable. Please allow an extra 10 business days for this reason.

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