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We were recently asked what magical protections are available at work to people whose highly-negative co-workers are starting to affect them. Obviously, this is the sort of situation you want to address as soon as possible, but doing magic in the workplace can be tricky!

Energy Vampires.

First off, these people are what we call energy vampires. They complain and whine and constantly scheme to get other people's attention, and it doesn't take long for their passive-aggressive behaviour to make you feel drained and grumpy. We all know people like this, but when we have to work side-by-side with them, it can be difficult to deal with them in a subtle way.

Subtle Solutions at Work.

At work, our efforts often have to be more subtle than usual. Here are a few ideas:

  • Keep hematite stones in your pockets or in your desk to repel negativity.
  • Put a hematite in a pouch with an obsidian and a howlite. No one will ever know, and it is easily portable.
  • Use protection oil to draw a pentacle on the back of your chair when you are alone in the office (go in early or stay late one day to do this so no one sees). It will dry invisibly and will help to protect you from all those negative energies.
  • Work on forming an energetic barrier by imagining yourself surrounded by a ring of protecting fire that nothing can cross.


There's always a few extra things you can do at home to help yourself. Here's a few:

  • Do a protection spell at home. This can be as simple as carving your name on a white candle along with a protective rune or symbol or even the words 'protection at work'! Then coat the candle lightly with protection oil, or sprinkle it with sage herb and burn it completely.
  • Meditate daily when you get home to help release any energies that did get to you while you were out and about. Regular meditation will help to keep you in good energetic shape to deal with these sorts of people and will help you feel less and less drained and affected over time.

Best of luck!

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