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This week's latest question was:

"I often feel there are many obstacles in my life that don't allow me to move forward in many Aspects."

A General Approach to Road-Opening.

Without knowing more of the details, I can only say that there could be a lot of factors involved. If you feel blocked in all directions, however, you could consider doing a road-opening spell. This is just a fancy way of saying you want to remove those obstacles.

There are a number of ways to approach this, but here is a simple spell that I've recommended many times:

  1. Begin by taking a cleansing bath. You can do this by adding a pinch each of sage, rosemary, and sea salt to a bath. Rather then washing your body in this bath, you are washing your spirit. Pour the water over your head and body, and imagine the negative energies and obstacles in your life being rinsed away. Do this for fifteen minutes to half an hour.

  2. After your bath, take a candle in the colour of your choosing. If your obstacles are related to luck or money, pick a green one. If the blocks are love-related, pick a pink one. For an all-purpose unblocking, pick a white one.

  3. Use an old pen, or a pin, to carve the candle to name the things you need in your life. Try to put it as succinctly and positively as possible. For example: "new job," "good luck," "happy relationship," etc. You can do more than one of these if you want to.

  4. Rub road-opener oil on to the candle, from bottom to top, until it is thinly coated.

  5. Burn the candle completely, preferably without interruption. If there is any wax or wick left over once the flames go out, take it to bury in the ground far away from your home. Given that it is now winter, this is tricky, so you can put it in a flower pot and leave it outside and then move it later in the Spring. This will not change your spell. The trick is that when the ground thaws, you must remember to bury it elsewhere. That said, do not be totally surprised if the wax or wick is 'gone.' It happens sometimes.

Best of luck!

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