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As you know, we've recently rolled out our 'magical advice' feature, and this week we posted our first answer in our weekly newsletter. Given the complexity of the spell, we thought it might be a good idea for me to elaborate on a couple of the points in it, and to give a little more context to help everyone understand where this all comes from, and what on earth I'm talking about. I've put the original spell I wrote in italics, with the commentary below.

 This is a spell for turning someone away from harming you using poppets. I would just like to make a quick note: poppets are not Voodoo dolls, though they look a lot similar. You will not be sticking pins in anyone.

This is a very important point, that I cannot belabor enough. Poppets and voodoo dolls are not the same thing. In fact, even voodoo dolls aren't really voodoo dolls. In the actual practice of Voudoun, there are no dolls, period. That is a Hollywood fabrication that became popular due to several rather questionable movies. (Now that is a subject for a whole other post!). Poppets are a traditional spell component that has been used across many cultures, for a very long time, and work on the principle that when you make a thing represent someone, you can affect said person (you can see where Hollywood took its cues for the dolls now, right?)


  • A Poppet.
  • A Picture of Your Target.
  • Black Yarn.
  • 2 Mirrors.
  • A White or Black Cloth.

If you have an existing poppet, you can customize it to suit your needs. If you don't have one, you may need to sew one. You can make the poppet as big or as small as you want, but it needs to fit the pictures of the people who have been bothering you inside of it (you can roll those pictures up into tubes, but do not crumple or crush them on purpose). You may stuff the dolls with cotton balls if you want to do this cheaply, but more traditionally you would use herbs like sage, patchouli, or frankincense and myrrh resins. Ideally, each doll should be made to look like the person they represent-- blue dots for blue eyes, for example, matching the color of the person's hair, including any distinguishing marks. In order to do the spell, the poppet needs eyes, ears, a mouth, hands, feet and a heart drawn on the chest.

If you don't have pictures of the person who is the target of the spell, draw one. I can't draw worth a dime, but even I can make a face with dots for eyes and a curve for a mouth. Do your best, that is the thing. Likewise, for the making of your poppet. Earth Witchery has a fabulous little tutorial on how to make a poppet over here, along with a simple pattern for sewing, and alternative ways to make poppets.

Once the doll is finished, take it in your hands and look into its eyes. Say aloud "I name you [name of person], who has caused me pain and grief. Tonight, I end the cycle of suffering and you will hurt me no more."

Remember, the purpose of this spell is not to hurt the target. It is to prevent harm. You are not wishing ill upon this person. You are also empowering and protecting yourself from them.

Take the black yarn and begin to wind it around the poppet's head. "No more shall you think of me." Over the eyes "No more shall you look after my actions." Over the ears "No more shall you listen for rumors of me." Over the mouth "No more shall you speak ill of me." Continue to wind the yarn down over the doll until you cover the heart you drew. "It is time to let go of the malice in your heart. No more will you harbor ill feelings of me." Wrap the yarn around the whole poppet, to wrap the arms in tight. "You will take no actions that will harm me or others." Lastly, wind the yarn down the rest of the way, to cover all the way down to the feet. "You will take no more steps that lead in harmful directions."

Some people will argue over my choice of yarn colors here. Honestly, it doesn't matter. I chose black because to me, black is a protective color that also serves to ground energy. Some people will use red, or blue, or even white  for those very same reasons. Go with what speaks to you. Now obviously, this spell is pretty specific in several areas - the target of the spell here would be someone who spies on you, or spreads rumors, etc. Feel free to alter the words to suit your needs, but try to keep things in the spirit of keeping them from doing more harm, to you or others.

Now tie the yarn off so it will not come undone. Your poppet should look like it is in a cozy black cocoon. Now take 2 of the mirrors you got and place them sort of like a sandwich, with the shiny sides facing in toward the doll. Wrap yarn around both the doll and the mirrors, from the top down, until the mirrors are secured in place. "From now on, you should look to yourself, your own actions, and your own business." Wrap the whole thing in black or white cloth.

Traditionalists would say that a box or cube of mirrors would be more effective than a 'sandwich' such as I describe above, but that gets a lot trickier to construct and is a lot less stable to maintain. For our purposes, the sandwich method will do. If possible, the mirrors would ideally be as big as, or larger than, your doll. If they are not, focus on covering the head and chest area.

Now put the doll in a box. Any box. It can be a shoe box; it does not need to be anything special.

Take the box as far from your home as you can reasonably go. Bury the box at least a foot deep in the ground and say "As the gods and spirits are my witnesses, I wish you nothing but peace, and desire only peace in return. So mote it be." Do NOT take note of where you buried the poppet. You will never return to that location.

Why far from your home? Why somewhere you will never return to? Because you are putting this person and their actions out of your life. You will leave them alone, as much as you expect them to leave you alone. Burying it a foot deep is just a way to make sure the doll is not interfered with, but don't worry about if it is deep enough or not and don't go back to check if it is still there, for heaven's sake! One does not plant a seed and then dig it up to see if it has roots or not, after all. I hope that my commentary has cleared up more confusion than it has caused, and that by putting this spell out there it helps those of you who may need it. If you have any questions, please email us at and it could be YOUR question we answer next week!

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