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Hey guys, Robyn here. I'm having a bit of a rough spring, and I know I am not alone. [Selene: Hi. Yeah. Me too. Also, pretty much everyone I know. It's been just nuts, hasn't it?] I thought it might be worthwhile to send out some ideas on how we can all manage our stress a little better, so that we can all move forward.

Spring Equinox (some of you know it as Ostara) is a great time to let go of dark times and unwanted energies, as well as to welcome in the light, and new beginnings. To that end, we need to really consider those energies that are holding us back from moving forward. Sometimes this is best accomplished by writing down how you are feeling, and then considering where some of those emotions are coming from, and what caused them. Take your time on this. Write it out. Meditate on it. There is no reason to rush.

Now that we have an idea of the things that are bringing us down, what do we do with them? Well, it is easier said than done to just 'let it go' (cue your new favorite Disney obsession song here). The fact is, learning to let go of your hurt is a very healthy and important step in recovery. Moreover, I would say that it is wholly necessary. Letting go of anger means releasing negativity associated with something that is already over and done with. You cannot change the past. You can only move along. Similarly, we need to let go of worry. Worry is an investment of energy (a spell? A prayer?) for something that hasn't even and may in fact never come to pass. Worry is such a useless emotion. Instead of dwelling on 'what-if', why not focus on what you can do, what can be changed?

Next we need to deal with the state we are presently in. I am known to be a big proponent of meditation as a form of stress relief. Frankly, I think it is the most healthy daily practice one can adopt. Even if all you do is sit and breathe and take a moment to sort your thoughts for 5 to 10 minutes a day, it is absolutely worthwhile. It allows you a time to just breathe. Even if you have never meditated before, don't stress over how to un-stress. All you need to do is sit some place quiet and breathe deeply. Don't worry about blanking out your thoughts, but as they come up do remind yourself that for the next few minutes they don't need to be dealt with. All you need to do in that time is breathe. Just. Breathe.

I do recognize that among us there are some people who need to DO instead of NOT-DO. For you, this is also a good time to get involved with something physical, since (at least theoretically) we are leaving the cold winter behind. Meditation can actually be done while running, jogging, biking. Focus on your body, your movement. Again, any thoughts you have can be pushed aside for later as you take a time out to just be, just do.

I hope that helps. It gets better, folks. I promise.

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