The Magical Blend is currently CLOSED for orders. Peter & Tara of have purchased The Magical Blend. We welcome our new Magical Blend customers and look forward to serving you. Please visit us at for thousands of metaphysical products. We will be continuing with Moonwise Creations and Witchcraft Essentials here as soon as we are set up. Please email us and let us know your favourites! Robyn and Selene want to thank the Pagan community for all the years of their loyal patronage. It has been our pleasure to serve you. We are confident that we are putting you in good hands with Peter and Tara at Dragonmoon.

We're really excited about this new project-- to make kits for each of the Sabbats with appropriate components in them for each one. The Mabon Candles finally arrived yesterday (we are having them all custom-made, as you might have read in our newsletter) and they're just GORGEOUS. We're going to order a line of custom coloured and scented candles from the artisan that will be exclusive to us and using our recipes to have our own spell candles that, I think, will be of a quality that could even stand up to even the fanciest of candles out there.

AND we won't just have individual Sabbat kits... they're going to be available as a yearly subscription, so that you order once and we will automatically send a kit a couple weeks before each Sabbat through the whole year so that you don't even need to think about it! So we sort of haven't told anyone that part yet. I just can't keep it to myself! We haven't made that listing available juuuust yet, so you will have to be patient. For the meantime, have a peek at the Mabon Sabbat Kit and let us know what you think!

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