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Advice from the Magical Blend

  Okay, guys. We have good news and we have bad news.

The bad news is: our advice column is not for curses. We do not accept requests which have to do with hurting people, mind-controlling people, or sending people to Siberia. You are free to look up ways to do so in your spare time, but neither of us are comfortable with doling out advice on black magic, especially since neither of us practises it and neither of us will go near the stuff ourselves. In short, our advice when you ask for black magic will always be: don't do black magic. [Robyn: A very wise man once told me: trying to curse someone and expecting your enemy to get hurt is like swallowing poison and expecting the other man to die.]

The good news is: you never have to worry that we're giving advice to your fellow witches about how to curse you. Because we won't. [Selene: The bad news corollary to the good news: apparently a lot of your fellow witches are asking how to do very bad things to people who may or may not be you, and you should be concerned about that.]

If you have an extreme situation which you believe requires extreme measures, we may still be able to advise you on alternative methods: ways to increase communication, ways to avoid danger, or ways to bring about needed change in your life. We will not help you curse people, and we will not help you use magic to trick or evade the law, because the advice column is a free service we provide of our own volition, under our own constraints.

That said: please do send any other magical questions to and we will be happy to help you.

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