Pens, Quills & Inks

Magickal Inks - Banishing
Banishing Ink, the color Black. Be gone with all negative energy, whether it be from person, spir..
Magickal Inks - Butterfly Blood
Butterfly Blood, the color Yellow, is the ink of Mercury. Used for invoking & commanding spir..
Magickal Inks - Dove's Blood
Dove's Blood Ink, the color Pink. Use in all spells for passion, love and marriage commitment..
Magickal Inks - Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Blood Ink, the color Red. For use in magic requiring powerful intent. All purpose ma..
Magickal Inks - Ink Of Jupiter
Ink of Jupiter, the color Blue, is used to keep a record of your magical workings, and to write i..
Magickal Inks - Ink Of Prophecy
Ink Of Prophecy, the color Purple. Be your own prophet! Write your dreams and wishes down, and wa..
Magickal Inks - Money Drawing
Money Drawing Ink, the color Green. Ideal for use in all spells involving jobs, gambling and mate..
God Ink
Use to invoke or beseech the aid of the God; His power, or His blessing. A Magical Blend Product...
Goddess Ink
Use to invoke or beseech the aid of the Goddess; her power, or her blessing. A Magical Blend Prod..
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