Our handcrafted tea blends are carefully balanced to provide a magical experience. Many of them can be used for specific ritual or spellcasting purposes.

Protection Tea
A herbal potion tea specifically blended for protective energies into your life. Hand blended from m..
Psychic Abilities and Dreaming Tea
A herbal potion tea specifically blended for enhancing psychic abilities and lucid dreaming. Hand bl..
Relaxation Tea
A herbal tea specifically blended for relaxation. Great to soothe yourself after a long day at work,..
Ritual Tea - Green Sencha
This Japanese green tea has a light liquoring flavour with a smooth depth and nice body. Often used ..
Ritual Tea - Monk's Blend
A flowery black tea, robust. The hint of fruit adds character to this dark blend. An excellent ritua..
Root Chakra Loose Tea (Black)
Bergamot & Vanilla combine in this classic black tea for complete grounding and relaxation. Drin..
Samhain Sabbat Tea
Samhain is simultaneously a time of introspection and fun, a time to descend into the Underworld to ..
Set of 7 Chakra Teas
Working through your chakras? Buy this complete set of chakra teas for your daily meditations. ..
Solar Plexus Chakra Loose Tea (Chai)
Ginger and Cardamom combine in this classic chai to inspire courage and invigorate. Awaken the activ..
Third Eye Chakra Loose Tea (Darjeeling)
A light darjeeling import with ginko biloba to open the mind and hints of lavender. ..
Throat Chakra Loose Tea (Mint Herbal)
Airy mint herbal tea with hints of fruity sweetness and light floral notes combine to soothe the thr..
Uncrossing Tea
A herbal potion tea specially blended for removing curses and negative energies. Hand blended from s..
Yule Sabbat Tea
In the deep cold of winter, we sit through the longest night with cakes decorated with marzipan and ..
4pc Cast Iron Tea Set - Panda
This cast iron tea set has a teapot, trellis, and two cups. The teapot can hold up to 800ml and has ..
Mabon Sabbat Tea
Mabon is a time of harvesting the fruits of our labours. Welcome the Autumn with a cup of our Sabbat..
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