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Go into the Wilderness: The Story of Lilith

We recently had the chance to speak with Elza Kephart, the writer and director of the film Go into the Wilderness.Go into the Wilderness, shot along Quebec's gorgeous north shore, is a film about the journey of Lilith, the Biblical first woman, from a new point-of-view. The film draws on Gnosticism and displays a lot of Pagan thinking, which is why we were interested to talk more with Elza about the research behind the film.
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Hellenic Polytheism

Hey guys! This is Selene. You may have heard our recent spellcast on Hellenic Polytheism, with our guest speaker Ryan. As a parallel to the podcast, Ryan (known as Anthos on his blog) has shared with us a few resources for people who are interested in finding out more about Hellenic Polytheism.

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The Giant List of Recommended Occult Reading

Hey guys, this is Selene. Robyn and I recently did a spellcast where we went through a list of our best book recommendations for various areas of the occult. Whether you're a beginner, a long-time occultist, or just someone looking for a bit of interesting reading, this list will probably have something for you to dig into. Most of these books are considered more 'serious' occult reading, though, so while some of them are beginner-friendly, others are quite dense and complicated-- we've marked books in this list by their level of difficulty within a subject and tried to give a brief description of why they're recommended in particular. Please be aware that this list is a work-in-progress, and not yet complete.
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