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Magical Blend Spellcast 46: Hellenic Polytheism

We interview Ryan regarding Hellenic Polytheism. Take a look at some related resources on the subject in our parallel blog post on the subject. Included in the spellcast:

  • 'Hellenistic' or 'Hellenic'?
  • Reconstructionist tradition.
  • Revivalist tradition.
  • Hellenic Paganism.
  • Hellenic Polytheism.
  • How does Hellenic Polytheism relate to witchcraft?
  • Reasons not to anger Greek Gods.
  • Creative ancient curses.
  • The goals of Hellenic Polytheism.
  • Religious holidays, and lots of them.
  • Worshipping an entire pantheon.
  • TV Tropes for Greek Mythology.

Musical credit: Dreamy Flashback, Kevin MacLeod (

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