Herbs and teas for magickal purposes.

Magical Uses: prosperity, clairvoyance, vision. 30 grams. ..


Magical Uses: exorcism, protection from evil, binding, healing. 28 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Wind spells, divination, psychic, purification, protection. 56 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Business luck, Money drawing, Healing. 30 grams. ..


Magical Uses: protection, exorcism, wishes, legal matters. 30 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Healing, Love Magick, Banishes Negativity. 30 grams. ..


Magical Uses: E.S.P., Attraction, Divination, Dreams, Popularity, Court Cases. 30 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Legal Issues, Money, Protection, Court Cases, Protection from Hexes. 30 grams. ..


Magical Uses: working with familiars; health and healing. 28 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Averts bad luck, cat magick, familiars, luck, happiness. 30 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Money, Purification, Meditation, Attraction, Tranquility. 28 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Love spells, fidelity, illusions, invisibility. 30 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Psychic, healing, love, sex, money, success, protection. 3 inches. 56 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Empowerment, Money Drawing, Protection, Prophetic Dreams. 28 grams. Sometimes also called Five Finger Gras..


Magical Uses: Exorcism, Love, Money, Remove Spells, Deflects magickal Attacks. 28 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Love, Divination, Vision Quests, Tranquility, Water Scrying. 28 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Travel, Safety, Money. 28 grams. ..


Magical Uses: health, meditation, power, luck, gambling, employment, protection, and astral projection. 30 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Love, Sex, Dreams, Divination, Spirit Communication, Visions. 28 grams. ..


Magical Uses: Divination, Wishes, Calling Spirits, Dreams. 30 grams. ..



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