Our magical oils are hand-blended based on recipes from the Magical Blend's own Book of Shadows.  Diffuse them to evoke the proper scents for a ritual or spell, or just because you enjoy the smell.  Magical Blend oils are skin-safe as they are formulated with cosmetic grade perfume oils.  

Woman Of Power Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: worn by women who want to assert themselves in the face of inequality and sexism. ..
Yemaya Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: a blend dedicated to the Yoruban Goddess of the Moon and Oceans. ..
Ylang Ylang Fragrance Oil
Magickal uses: lust, seduction, success, romance, money ..
Yule Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: this blend is for performing rites to ensure the rebirth of the Sun and the return..
Zodiac Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: to attract favorable planetary vibrations. ..
Leather Fragrance Oil
This leather fragrance oil can be put on a journal or any other object to make it smell like genuine..
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