Our magical oils are hand-blended based on recipes from the Magical Blend's own Book of Shadows.  Diffuse them to evoke the proper scents for a ritual or spell, or just because you enjoy the smell.  Magical Blend oils are skin-safe as they are formulated with cosmetic grade perfume oils.  

Citronella Fragrance Oil
Magickal uses: protection ..
Citrus Fragrance Oil
Magickal uses: love, good fortune, divination, balance, healing, harmony, peace, money, riches, a..
Clairvoyance Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: to assist in using one's clairvoyant powers. ..
Clearance Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: to clear an area of negative influences. ..
Cleopatra Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: to renew a relationship when one lover is drifting. Also entices the stranger that..
Clove Fragrance Oil
Magickal uses: protection, love, money, exorcism ..
Coconut Fragrance Oil
Magickal uses: purification, protection, chastity ..
Come To Me Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: to bind someone to you sexually, especially when used with strangers. ..
Concentration Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: used to strengthen the powers of concentration and the mind. Helps clear the mind ..
Court Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: takes you through court proceedings easily. ..
Creativity Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: to get one's creative juices flowing. ..
Crown Of Success Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: to push aside those who hinder your success. Also to stop slander and gossip again..
Cucumber Fragrance Oil
Magickal uses: healing, chastity, fertility, marriage ..
Dark Musk (Indian Musk) Fragrance Oil
Magickal uses: seduction, mystery, love ..
Darksome Moon Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: to encourage clairvoyance, psychic abilities, and prophetic gifts. ..
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