Our magical oils are hand-blended based on recipes from the Magical Blend's own Book of Shadows.  Diffuse them to evoke the proper scents for a ritual or spell, or just because you enjoy the smell.  Magical Blend oils are skin-safe as they are formulated with cosmetic grade perfume oils.  

Glow Of Attraction Fragrance Oil
Magickal uses: an attraction formula. ..
God Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: for men who want personal power and respect. ..
Goddess Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: for women who want respect more than love and admiration more than intimacy. ..
Goddess Oil Kit
Oil pack contains eight 5 ml Goddess oil blends. Call upon the power of ancient goddesses to enhance..
Harmony Fragrance Oil
Magickal uses: to increase harmony and peace between people. ..
Health Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: use in healing rituals and to attract good health. ..
Hecate Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: an aid to help you find your way through hard choices; aids when trying to develop..
Heliotrope Fragrance Oil
Magickal uses: invisibility, prophetic dreams, exorcism ..
Helping Hand Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: brings peace of mind, assistance in legal matters, harmony to a stormy marriage. ..
Herne Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: to focus on the positive male qualities of Herne. ..
High Altar Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: to invite benevolent spirits to aid your magickal work. ..
High John Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: to overcome personal obstacles and attract good luck. ..
Holy Magickal Oil
Magickal uses: a blend used in purifying and consecrating magickal objects. Protection against ev..
Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil
Magickal uses: money, protection, psychic dreams ..
Hyacinth Fragrance Oil
Magickal uses: love, protection, happiness ..
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