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Did You Hear That?
JD Hickey's newest CD "Did you Hear That?" features some of the Bard's creepiest stories! Get ready ..
Magical Blend Spellcast 01: What's in a Craft Name?
Robyn and Selene address the following burning questions: What are craft names? Where does t..
Magical Blend Spellcast 02: Ritual vs Spellcraft
Robyn and Selene look at the difference between ritual and spellcraft. Included in the spellcast: ..
Magical Blend Spellcast 03: Interview with Author T. Scarlet Jory
Robyn interviews author T. Scarlet Jory while Selene plays DJ. Included in the spellcast: We p..
Magical Blend Spellcast 04: Keeping the Pagan Community Alive
We interview Ryan, president of the Montreal Pagan Resource Center (MPRC). Included in the spellcast..
Magical Blend Spellcast 05: Witches in the Media
We talk about really awful (and kind of okay) movies involving witches. Included in the spellcast: ..
Magical Blend Spellcast 06: Kitchen Magic
We chat about magic in the kitchen! Included in the spellcast: Robyn is a kitchen witch. ..
Magical Blend Spellcast 07: Ceremonial Magick
We talk about ceremonial magick! Included in the spellcast: Er, uhm, ceremonial magick is..
Magical Blend Spellcast 08: Traditional Wicca vs. Neo Wicca
The Great Debate! Traditional Wicca versus Neo Wicca! Included in the spellcast: What is ..
Magical Blend Spellcast 09: The Compassion Games
We talk about the Compassion Games! Included in the spellcast: What are the Compassion Ga..
Magical Blend Spellcast 10: The Sabbats
We talk about the Wheel of the Year and the various Sabbats! Included in the spellcast: W..
Magical Blend Spellcast 11: Mabon
We talk about Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox! Included in the spellcast: The long 'a' or the..
Magical Blend Spellcast 12: How to Set Up an Altar
We talk about altars, and their various styles! Included in the spellcast: So many differ..
Magical Blend Spellcast 13: Covens vs. Solitary Practice
We talk about the difference between covens and solitary practice. Included in the spellcast: ..
Magical Blend Spellcast 14: Karma and Curses
We talk about the relationship between curses and Karma. Included in the spellcast: The c..
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