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Magical Blend Spellcast 16: Samhain
We talk about the sabbat Samhain. Included in the spellcast: It's spelled funny. Samhai..
Magical Blend Spellcast 17: Divination
We talk about different forms of divination. Included in the spellcast: The difference be..
Magical Blend Spellcast 18: Dream Interpretation
We talk about the interpretation of dreams. Included in the spellcast: Bad Chinese food a..
Magical Blend Spellcast 19: The Book of Shadows
We talk about the book of shadows. Included in the spellcast: Different types of books of..
Magical Blend Spellcast 20: Yule Fair
We talk about the upcoming Yule Fair, 2013. Included in the spellcast: Run-down of the ve..
Magical Blend Spellcast 21: Yule Fair FAQ
We revisit our talk at Yule Fair 2013. Included in the spellcast: Will you be opening a p..
Magical Blend Spellcast 22: Yule
We talk about the sabbat Yule. Included in the spellcast: Yule as the Winter Solstice. ..
Magical Blend Spellcast 23: Witchy Gift Ideas
We talk about last-minute witchy gift ideas for Yule. Included in the spellcast: Bath and..
Magical Blend Spellcast 24: Oaths & Resolutions
We talk about New Year's resolutions and the role of oaths in witchcraft. Included in the spell..
Magical Blend Spellcast 25: Mysticism
We talk about mysticism. Included in the spellcast: What is a mysticism? WHY ROBYN, WHY..
Magical Blend Spellcast 26: Astrological Forecast 2014
We give a brief astrological forecast for 2014! Included in the spellcast: The basics of astro..
Magical Blend Spellcast 27: Imbolc
We talk about the sabbat Imbolc! Included in the spellcast: It's the same day every year! Incr..
Magical Blend Spellcast 28: Chinese New Year 2014
We talk about 2014, the year of the Yang Wood Horse! Included in the spellcast: Happy Lun..
Magical Blend Spellcast 29: Grounding & Centering
We talk about the technique of grounding and centering! Included in the spellcast: A very grou..
Magical Blend Spellcast 30: Handling Love Spells
We talk about love spells and their pitfalls. Included in the spellcast: What makes a lov..
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