Magical Blend Spellcast 46: Hellenic Polytheism
We interview Ryan regarding Hellenic Polytheism. Take a look at some related resources on the subjec..
Magical Blend Spellcast 47: What is a Coincidence?
We talk about the difference between signs, omens, and coincidences. Included in the spellcast:..
Magical Blend Spellcast 48: Candle Magic
We talk about candle magic. Included in the spellcast: The most basic method of spellcast..
Magical Blend Spellcast 49: Lughnassadh
We talk about the sabbat Lughnassadh. Included in the spellcast: Lughnassadh, Lammas. Harves..
Magical Blend Spellcast 50: Herbs in Spellcraft
We talk about the various uses of herbs in spellcraft. Included in the spellcast: Most common ..
Magical Blend Spellcast 51: The Man With No Story
We give a sneak peek of J.D. Hickley's new online CD of traditional stories, Did You Hear That?, wit..
Magical Blend Spellcast 52: Psychic Vampires
We talk about psychic vampires and how to defend against them. Included in the spellcast: What..
Magical Blend Spellcast 53: Colours in Magic
We talk about the use of colour in magic. Included in the spellcast: Colour variations in diff..
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