Our handcrafted tea blends are carefully balanced to provide a magical experience. Many of them can be used for specific ritual or spellcasting purposes.

Beltane Sabbat Tea
Beltane is the celebration of the beginning of summer, with fertility associations. Welcome Beltane ..
Crown Chakra Loose Tea
One of China's best premium white teas. Gentle and Enlightening. A true taste of heaven. ..
Eri's Super Sleepy Tea
Eri made this herbal tea specifically for people who can't get a good night's sleep. Hand blend..
Focus and Concentration Tea
A herbal tea specifically blended for enhancing concentration and focusing. Great to use for student..
Grounding and Comfort Tea - Cream Earl Grey (Black Tea)
Cream Earl Grey makes an excellent tea for grounding and comfort with its warm vanilla notes, and he..
Grounding and Comfort Tea - Earl Grey Rooibos (Caffeine-Free)
Earl Grey Rooibos is another tea that has wonderful properties for grounding and comfort. The Rooibo..
Heart Chakra Loose Tea  (Green)
Rose and Jasmine combine in this classic sencha green tea for love and comfort. Let your heart soar!..
Imbolc Sabbat Tea
Imbolc is a time of purification and healing, with fire associations. While you're celebrating Candl..
Immune Boosting Health Tea
A herbal tea specifically blended for boosting your immune system and drawing health enhancing energ..
Lammas Sabbat Tea
Lammas celebrates the harvest, and venerates the sun. Celebrate the festivities with a cup of our Sa..
Litha Sabbat Tea
Litha is the celebration of the height of summer, also known as Midsummer. While you're celebrating ..
Love Potion Tea
A herbal potion tea specifically blended for drawing love into your life. Drink it yourself or offer..
Metallic Herb Strainer, Ball Shaped
Non aluminum, metallic strainers, ideal for keeping your loose herbs out of your infusions ..
Navel Chakra Loose Tea
All the depth of a delicious orange liqueur combined with the goodness of tea, to bridge the gap fro..
Ostara Sabbat Tea
Ostara is a time of fertility and new beginnings. Welcome the Spring with a cup of our Sabbat tea! J..
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