Thés pour chakras

Crown Chakra Loose Tea
One of China's best premium white teas. Gentle and Enlightening. A true taste of heaven. ..
Heart Chakra Loose Tea  (Green)
Rose and Jasmine combine in this classic sencha green tea for love and comfort. Let your heart soar!..
Navel Chakra Loose Tea
All the depth of a delicious orange liqueur combined with the goodness of tea, to bridge the gap fro..
Root Chakra Loose Tea (Black)
Bergamot & Vanilla combine in this classic black tea for complete grounding and relaxation. Drin..
Set of 7 Chakra Teas
Working through your chakras? Buy this complete set of chakra teas for your daily meditations. ..
Solar Plexus Chakra Loose Tea (Chai)
Ginger and Cardamom combine in this classic chai to inspire courage and invigorate. Awaken the activ..
Third Eye Chakra Loose Tea (Darjeeling)
A light darjeeling import with ginko biloba to open the mind and hints of lavender. ..
Throat Chakra Loose Tea (Mint Herbal)
Airy mint herbal tea with hints of fruity sweetness and light floral notes combine to soothe the thr..