The Magical Blend is an online store specializing in esoteric supplies for various religions and creeds. The store has always served the Montreal pagan community in particular, but it has undergone many transformations since its opening in 1991; currently, it is an online-only store which features weekly podcasts and newsletters, as well as a blog and other social media. Over the years, we have grown to supply esoteric shops worldwide with our handmade products.


Robyn has been a practising witch for over 20 years and involved in The Magical Blend for over 11 years in some form or other. Her interests lay in Traditional Wicca, Hermetic Magick, the Qabala, Buddhism, Reiki and other forms of energy healing, and tea. She is co-owner of the store with Selene, and chances are that if you purchase something handmade through us, it is Robyn’s hands that made it.


Selene is a practising eclectic Wiccan and Technopagan (though her debates on the validity of the term ‘Technopagan’ are long, boring, and guaranteed to put you to sleep). She is co-owner of the Magical Blend with Robyn– if something on the site breaks, she is probably the one who will fix it.




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