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2015: Year of the Green Wood Sheep

Happy Chinese New Year, and welcome to the year of the Green Wood Sheep! Read more to learn more about the magical associations of this Chinese year.
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Go into the Wilderness: The Story of Lilith

We recently had the chance to speak with Elza Kephart, the writer and director of the film Go into the Wilderness.Go into the Wilderness, shot along Quebec's gorgeous north shore, is a film about the journey of Lilith, the Biblical first woman, from a new point-of-view. The film draws on Gnosticism and displays a lot of Pagan thinking, which is why we were interested to talk more with Elza about the research behind the film.
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Magical Advice: How To Make a Corn Dolly For Your Lammas Altar

Looking for ideas of crafts to make to celebrate Lughnassadh this weekend? How about a corn dolly? You can also add wheat to it, or long grass stalks or bright ribbons as it suits your needs! (plus, you get corn to eat!)
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