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Welcome to The Magical Blend / Le Melange Magique

We know you've been waiting a while for The Magical Blend Incense & Oils! The Magical Blend is under new ownership and we're proud to say we're once again open for business.

We're open to receive new orders here, or you can head over to for these products and a lot more! 

If you are purchasing for a store, please see our Wholesaler/Reseller Program Information

*Please note that while we're still transitioning this business, packaging of the product may vary from previous orders you've placed.  Labels will also change over time.  Thank you for your patience during change of ownership. 

*While not all of the Magical Blend products you're used to seeing are available on the website at this time, we are planning to re-introduce those products as the year goes on.  We also have some new products we're excited to roll out this Summer!  

Thank you so much for your support and continued business!

-Tara and Peter