Room Sprays

Room Sprays

Lightly scented room sprays for cleansing negativity and blessing your sacred space and home. 

We can also custom craft the room spray scent you may be needing, just let us know.

*Packaging and labels are changing in 2018.

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Room Spray - Jinx Removing

Use to banish negative energy and to break hexes. Can be used in the home, business, cars. 8 oz / 23..


Room Spray - Love and Attraction

Use to create an atmosphere of attraction, romance, love. Can be used in the home, business, cars. 8..


Room Spray - Money Drawing

Use to create an amosphere of finalcial attraction and prosperity. Can be used in the home, business..


Room Spray - Protection

Use to create a safe area, banishing negative energy and preventing the accumulation of evil. Can be..


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